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Disorderly Conduct

In the state of Louisiana, disorderly conduct is a criminal offense wherein you caused offenses, which affected the general public, or you caused offenses which affected peace and order.

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There are many items which are considered for disorderly conduct charges, and it is important that experienced legal defense is taken immediately to offer the best options in your case.

Louisiana Disorderly Conduct Laws and Penalties

Most disorderly conduct charges are considered misdemeanor charges, particularly for loud noise issues, provoking a fight while intoxicated, yelling, and rioting.

Some first offenses might result in fines and community service hours. Repeat offenses can include jail time and felony offenses if the acts are severe and numerous.

Disturbing the peace

Disturbing the peace is a disorderly conduct charge, that simply means that you have engaged in acts which you could foresee disturbing or alarming to the public. The first of these acts of disturbing the peace includes engaging in a fistic encounter.

Other related disorderly conduct charges

Disorderly conduct charges can also be made if you address and individual, or individuals, with words which can be considered offensive, derisive, or annoying to a person who is legally in the streets or a public venue. Examples of these include:

  • Calling a person, who is legally in the streets or a public place, offensive or derisive names
  • Making noises or exclamations in the presence of said person
  • Joining said offender, with the intent to offend, annoy, deride, or prevent them from pursuing their lawful duty, occupation, or business.
  • Public intoxication
  • Engaging in a tumultuous manner or any violent act with 3 or more people
  • Holding an unlawful assembly or interrupting a lawful assembly of people
  • Engaging in acts including uttering things, gestures, or displaying things which are meant to disrupt the burial of someone who has deceased, a memorial service, a funeral, a funeral procession, a wake, or a funeral home viewing
  • Blocking, inhibiting, impeding, or in any fashion interfering with access from or into a building or a parking lot in which a memorial service, burial, wake, or funeral is being held, including a burial plot or cemetery parking lot where the services are being conducted.

The penalties associated with charges of disorderly conduct include a range of fines, counseling, court-ordered anger management courses, comunity service, and jail time.

If you are convicted of disturbing the peace, the minimum fine in the state of Louisiana is $100 and/or jail time for up to 90 days.

If you already have a criminal record it can significantly impact your sentencing.

Get Help with a Disorderly Conduct Charge

If you are convicted of public intoxication it is difficult to create a good defense since, at the time you were drunk and therefore the only testimony or eye-witnesses are likely to be the arresting officers.

However, a defense attorney can work with the prosecution to help you receive less severe penalties. By getting in touch with a defense attorney as soon as possible, your charges might even be dropped prior to seeing a judge.

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