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Leaving the Scene or Hit and Run

Leaving the scene of an auto accident, or hit and run, are very serious matters in the state of Louisiana. When an accident occurs, there are legal requirements for all parties involved. These requirements include the exchange of information, such as contact information and insurance.

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If the accident resulted in severe damage to the vehicles, leaving the scene can result in additional charges, because of the danger of vehicles left on public roads or highways.

If serious injuries occurred to any of those involved, leaving the scene of the accident can be considered leaving the scene of the crime, and additional charges might be faced, because of neglect.

Louisiana Leaving the Scene or Hit and Run Laws and Penalties

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Louisiana, you are legally required to stop and move your vehicles if possible. You should then render help and aid to anyone who is in need of it. This can include helping injured persons from their car, calling emergency services, and having the cars towed out of traffic.

If you fail to do these by leaving the scene, you will face serious consequences. If you fail to do this by leaving the scene, and someone was seriously injured or died, the penalties will greatly increase.

If you fail to stop and render aid in the state of Louisiana, then your driving privileges will be suspended until satisfactory evidence has been gathered for a conviction.

If the accident resulted in personal injury or death to another person, then you will face suspension of your license or a revocation of your license, possibly permanently. Even if no one was injured, you can still face a suspension of your license.

There is a mandatory suspension period for your license which must be served in the state of Louisiana. Once this mandatory suspension period is completed, you must pay a $60 license reinstatement fee, on top of any additional fees owed for statutory requirements.

If you are charged with a hit and run in the state of Louisiana, it can adversely affect your insurance rates and you can be required to pay restitution to the victims if any injuries were sustained.

Get Help with a Leaving the Scene and Hit and Run Charge

Even if the accident was not your fault, if you leave the scene of the accident without completing the requirements of the department of motor vehicles in the state of Louisiana, a judge can rule in favor of the plaintiffs and close the case against you.

With the help of a defense attorney, you can work with the judge for less severe fines, fines in lieu of a suspension, or revocation of your license, especially if you can prove that you had done all that you needed to do before you left the scene of the accident. An attorney will also help you work with the the prosecution for a plea bargain to avoid any possible jail time.